Dhoom 3 Game For PC, Android

Dhoom 3 is the game featuring the Dhoom 3 Movie starring Bollywood superstar Amir Khan, Katrna Kaif, Abhishek and Uday Chopra. The game is based on the movie itself where Amir is chased by the cops. It is developed and released by 99 games.

Dhoom 3 Game For PC / Mac (Windows 7,8):

To Play Dhoom 3 on Windows or Mac just follow the simple steps below.

  • Download and install Bluestacks Android Simulator.
  • Install Bluestacks on you PC.
  • Search for the game and install it.
  • Enjoy Dhoom 3 on PC.

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Download Dhoom 3 Game

Install Dhoom 3 Game from Google Play

Dhoom 3 Game for Windows Phones

Dhoom 3 Game for iOS

Dhoom 3 for Blackberry

Why Dhoom 3 game getting so much attention?

Well, I have played this game on my ipad just to check out whether its has something exciting or crappy game like other movie games. But my experince was great I really didn’t expected this kind of quality from this game. Checkout the following points why I think Dhoom 3 one of the best game to give a try.

  • Available Sources: As mentioned it is available on Google play, Windows and iTunes store, it definitely a positive side to reach out maximum number of audience.

If you own Android smart phone you can simply go to Google play and install the game in a matter of seconds. If you want APK file of Dhoom 3 Game , we are are providing that as well. You can use Dhoom 3 APK file to install the game offline on your Android device.

If you have windows phone like Nokia, you can simply Go to Windows Dhoom 3 offical game link and install it.

If you want to play Dhoom 3 game on your iPhone or iPad you should install it from iTunes Store.  Dhoom 3 game lists in featured games list on iTunes store which shouts about the popularity of th awesome game.

How to play Dhoom 3 game:

If you call this game as Racing Game, that will be more convenient as Dhoom 3 Game doesn’t have any separate identity. Its just like another bikes racing games. I am very much sure, game developers have used concept of hot pursuit game for Dhoom 3 game.

Its not rocket science ?  You just need to manage your bike with control and drive on roads. Your bike will be follwoed by two other bike riders. In fact those bikes riders are not your competitors. They are simply just following you. You are competing to yourself only, so you no need to worry about your rank number in game.


You will have boosters to increase your bike speed for limited time. Another way to increase bike speed is collecting 2*.

Your bike face obstacles of cars or other vehicles.  As game progresses, you will be followed by helicopter which adds excitement in the game. There may be start of bombing You should be aware of that, and keep your bike safe.

As game starts , you doesn’t sense anything new in Dhoom 3 Game. But as you play for more than 5 minutes it offers excitement in the game with more speed.

Available on every possible platform.


There should be more nitros boost to increase speed. It will be defintely add more thrill to the game.

Controls are fine but not user friendly as this is racing game.

There should have been other competing bike ridrers to add more competition in the game.

There should have been platform to organize race competition between your friends to experience multi player racing thrill.

They should have provide excellator , brake control to provide live feel to the game.

Dhoom 3 Game Reviews:

Its definitely created buzz on Play store just like modi run. Dhoom 3 game Definitly gets more praise and attention than Krrish 3 Android Game. Quality of the game is also far better than Krrish 3 Android Game. It’s great Racing Game with lot of exciting features.

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